Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comelec Decision On Parallel Counting

I was watching a while ago the news on SAKSI and I had been dismayed on the COMELEC statements that they will released tomorrow the en banc decision on parallel counting but had made clear that the said decision is unanimous...  not to let it go.

Why? Are the commissioners, already, had list of who are gonna win? How many commissioners in the past elections been involved in fraud? I don't know if I am wrong but I think no one had been prosecuted. 

They say that it's hard to cheat with the automated machine. But how can the public be sure that there are no excess PCOS that will also transmit returns even not being used. 


This is the time that they can show how trustworthy of them
If  discrepancy arises,  so be it. 
All they had to do is investigate.
And do what has to be done.

This is also the time to show how reliable they are as what they always say.
If the parallel counting ties with theirs, they are reliable.
If not, well it's just the first. Investigate and correct the errors. We can understand.

But making a firm stand of not allowing parallel counting is just like shouting in the entire world that there is something fishy will gonna happened. Does Gloria had to do with their holding on. It's not far. And if so, we are really so far to have a polling body that will be apolitical. To think, Melo is also a Kapampangeno.



  1. To the moderator of PINOY TAYO! You missed to correct the word development and it should have an "s" (developments).

  2. ang alam ko dyan, kahit ung nanalo sa votes hindi pa rin uupo kasi dadayain. Nangyari yan sa us, si al gore dapat ang uupo, si bush ang pinanalo.
    Its better to abstain, if kaya ng botante.
    nanonood din ako ng news sa net abou phil election, sad and funny at the same time.
    Bangayan ng bangayan na parang mga bata.

    Ty sa visit pala, all the best!

  3. @mark,

    ah ok na correct ko na. but you forget your email add.


    haha it's philippine politics we are already sort of sanay na rin. But there are many trying to correct this. Just hope for the best.

    Tnx din.