Tuesday, April 13, 2010

P10M Worth Of Scholarship To Study Abroad!

There's always light beyond that dark clouds. Whoever coined this quote surely never lose hope in whatever he encounters, sees, hears, feels, or whatever he experiences that makes him down.

And that is what we Pinoys have. Even our great men and women in the past never lose hope that our lives and our country still has a chance. A chance to be free.. to all who wants to step on on our rights. A chance to improve... to improve our lives. A chance to live.. and survives the obstacles in life. And so are many Filipinos today.

And yes we can survive. We can improve. There's a light! And we can say that sometimes, it just around us. Or around the net. Or here in my blog. HEHE. (so why not clik that FOLLOW over there)

Here. Leave that election fever for a minute and try to visit SWAC EXPO 2010. They are giving P10M worth of international scholarships in the SWAC EXPO this month. Interested can now have an opportunity to avail this program. You can be send abroad and study. Isn't that a one hell of a news or what?

Or visit or call their local branches near you:

Quezon City, Milestone Bldg., 1045 Aurora Blvd.

(02) 913 3933, (02) 913 6466

Baguio City, 16 Sixto, Gaerlan St., Campo Filipino
(074) 424 1808, +63 918 888 8454

Davao City, IL Int’l., Bldg., 133 Ladislawa Ave., Buhangin
(082) 222 3991, +63 918 803 0815

Cebu City, Aspac Bank - IL Int’l., Bldg., N. Bacalso Ave.
(032) 254 2326, (032) 254 5996 +63 920 970 7047

Forget those head-aching-candidates for a while, the indelible ink, psychiatric test, jumping off parties and many others.
Grab now your dream to be realized!
Show the word PINOY CAN!

I'd like to greet JASMIN BENDICIO a happy Birthday!
Happy birthday po sis!(ay matanda yata ako sa iyo ahaha)



  1. Is it possible to register online?..

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