Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Tomfooleries Of Gloria

tomfool 1. n. a silly fool, esp someone who acts with a stupid thoughtlessness 2. adj. silly, senseless 3. v.i. to play the tomfool tom-fool-er-y pl. tom-fool-er-ies n. silly behavior.

Just less than two weeks and I wonder if we can still hear some of it.

Here are just recent.

Manikurista now director of PAG_IBIG Funds
and Malacanang reason to give the lowly payed government employees a representation in that agency... but she is not an employee.

Hardinero now a deputy administrator of Luneta
and ask what are the credentials... spokesman said he still doesn't know.

Ampatuans and the dropping of cases in Maguindanao massacre
and the justice secretary dropping of tears... if those was real tears.

Andal press conference 
and endorsing of Noynoy 


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