Saturday, April 17, 2010

Villaroyo And Gloriaquino?

How can we  blame the people to coined this term.  Many of Pres. Arroyo's big men are now said to be "jumping off the ship". Or really are they?

Or it is another plan. Try to think of this: 22 Lakas shifted to Villar and 20 to Noynoy. Whoever of them won means Pres. Gloria men who are behind and had to do with all her actions are still in the position and likely not to be persecuted. And if ever Gloria won the congress and eventually the speakership, aren't those people will still be behind her?

Just some:

Luis Chavit, a close ally who testified against Estrada that resulted in Erap's ouster is one of the first one who gave his support to Villar. 

Who could forget Jocjoc Bolante, an ally of the administration and the alleged mastermind of the P 728M fertilizer scam that allegedly aided the campaign of Arroyo in 2004 and now running under NP in Capiz. 

Does anyone remember that Mar Roxas was the trade secretary of Arroyo and under him, the trade department spending on advertisements that earned him "Mr. Palengke" title increased ten times that year just before he run as a senator?

Ralph Recto the author of e-vat now under Noynoy.
Joey Salceda the Arroyo's economic adviser had just make his move to Liberel Party and gave Support to Noynoy saying under him the economy will improve. 


Both camps are calling themselves as the real opposition and both are also calling one another the secret candidate of Malacanang.

Accepting former Lakas members who were behind Arroyo's gained power and men behind different administration scandals makes the people think twice. 

Seems the real opposition is Joseph Estrada.



  1. erap tlga...President...

  2. hehe yap e.. erap pa rin. wala naman iba kasi.