Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Comelec Decision On Parallel Counting

I was watching a while ago the news on SAKSI and I had been dismayed on the COMELEC statements that they will released tomorrow the en banc decision on parallel counting but had made clear that the said decision is unanimous...  not to let it go.

Why? Are the commissioners, already, had list of who are gonna win? How many commissioners in the past elections been involved in fraud? I don't know if I am wrong but I think no one had been prosecuted. 

They say that it's hard to cheat with the automated machine. But how can the public be sure that there are no excess PCOS that will also transmit returns even not being used. 


This is the time that they can show how trustworthy of them
If  discrepancy arises,  so be it. 
All they had to do is investigate.
And do what has to be done.

This is also the time to show how reliable they are as what they always say.
If the parallel counting ties with theirs, they are reliable.
If not, well it's just the first. Investigate and correct the errors. We can understand.

But making a firm stand of not allowing parallel counting is just like shouting in the entire world that there is something fishy will gonna happened. Does Gloria had to do with their holding on. It's not far. And if so, we are really so far to have a polling body that will be apolitical. To think, Melo is also a Kapampangeno.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Tomfooleries Of Gloria

tomfool 1. n. a silly fool, esp someone who acts with a stupid thoughtlessness 2. adj. silly, senseless 3. v.i. to play the tomfool tom-fool-er-y pl. tom-fool-er-ies n. silly behavior.

Just less than two weeks and I wonder if we can still hear some of it.

Here are just recent.

Manikurista now director of PAG_IBIG Funds
and Malacanang reason to give the lowly payed government employees a representation in that agency... but she is not an employee.

Hardinero now a deputy administrator of Luneta
and ask what are the credentials... spokesman said he still doesn't know.

Ampatuans and the dropping of cases in Maguindanao massacre
and the justice secretary dropping of tears... if those was real tears.

Andal press conference 
and endorsing of Noynoy 


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Villaroyo And Gloriaquino?

How can we  blame the people to coined this term.  Many of Pres. Arroyo's big men are now said to be "jumping off the ship". Or really are they?

Or it is another plan. Try to think of this: 22 Lakas shifted to Villar and 20 to Noynoy. Whoever of them won means Pres. Gloria men who are behind and had to do with all her actions are still in the position and likely not to be persecuted. And if ever Gloria won the congress and eventually the speakership, aren't those people will still be behind her?

Just some:

Luis Chavit, a close ally who testified against Estrada that resulted in Erap's ouster is one of the first one who gave his support to Villar. 

Who could forget Jocjoc Bolante, an ally of the administration and the alleged mastermind of the P 728M fertilizer scam that allegedly aided the campaign of Arroyo in 2004 and now running under NP in Capiz. 

Does anyone remember that Mar Roxas was the trade secretary of Arroyo and under him, the trade department spending on advertisements that earned him "Mr. Palengke" title increased ten times that year just before he run as a senator?

Ralph Recto the author of e-vat now under Noynoy.
Joey Salceda the Arroyo's economic adviser had just make his move to Liberel Party and gave Support to Noynoy saying under him the economy will improve. 


Both camps are calling themselves as the real opposition and both are also calling one another the secret candidate of Malacanang.

Accepting former Lakas members who were behind Arroyo's gained power and men behind different administration scandals makes the people think twice. 

Seems the real opposition is Joseph Estrada.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nationalista Party Versus Liberal Party/Who Will Survive?

There is only 25 days more and we will be once again be electing our new president. The heat is on. The game is becoming dirtier as usual. Accusation after accusation. And what is new? People are getting to be "already used" to these.

Here are some:

and more...

And there are still more.

The contest between Aquino and Villar seems going nowhere. Ah...! The voters may feel disgusted.  Some might already been laughing at them. Look at our respected senators now dreaming to be president in the country!

Grow old Sirs! We need something more than that!

In the ongoing dirty politics of both camp, can Joseph Estrada who is slowly but surely climbing up to the poll surveys benefits the battle? What if the people had been turned off of their childish play? We can never know.  Erap might surprise us!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

P10M Worth Of Scholarship To Study Abroad!

There's always light beyond that dark clouds. Whoever coined this quote surely never lose hope in whatever he encounters, sees, hears, feels, or whatever he experiences that makes him down.

And that is what we Pinoys have. Even our great men and women in the past never lose hope that our lives and our country still has a chance. A chance to be free.. to all who wants to step on on our rights. A chance to improve... to improve our lives. A chance to live.. and survives the obstacles in life. And so are many Filipinos today.

And yes we can survive. We can improve. There's a light! And we can say that sometimes, it just around us. Or around the net. Or here in my blog. HEHE. (so why not clik that FOLLOW over there)

Here. Leave that election fever for a minute and try to visit SWAC EXPO 2010. They are giving P10M worth of international scholarships in the SWAC EXPO this month. Interested can now have an opportunity to avail this program. You can be send abroad and study. Isn't that a one hell of a news or what?

Or visit or call their local branches near you:

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(032) 254 2326, (032) 254 5996 +63 920 970 7047

Forget those head-aching-candidates for a while, the indelible ink, psychiatric test, jumping off parties and many others.
Grab now your dream to be realized!
Show the word PINOY CAN!

I'd like to greet JASMIN BENDICIO a happy Birthday!
Happy birthday po sis!(ay matanda yata ako sa iyo ahaha)


Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Latest Poll Surveys/ May 10 Election

As May election is drawing near, the real contenders in the presidential election is coming clearer.  The poll surveys give Noynoy, Villar and Estrada respectively as the top most likely to be in office according to their recent surveys. Thus, we can consider the May 10, 2010 presidential election as now down to a three-way fight race.

As Noynoy is consistent to be on the lead, followed by Villar as second and Estrada in the third, but the trend in the surveys show a big dropped in Villar votes while Estrada is rising up.   Survey last March showed Estrada got only 9% but now is almost 20%. Noynoy's figures change almost just a bit. So we can say that Villar is losing his votes to Estarada. And it will not take much for Estrada to overtake Villar in the April polls. 

Since 1992,  elections were won by candidates holding the top two places of the last polls before voting. No third placer went on to win a presidential election. This make the SWS (Social Weather Stations) and Pulse Asia the most credible polling firms in the country. And with just 9% difference with each other, a 5% more drop from Villar and 5% rise for Estrada will make a big difference.


Villar is now suffering in the "PEKENG MAHIRAP" and "VILLAROYO" issues. Add more the over-spending T.V. advertisment which makes the people fear that he might  "reimburse" the money spent when he won the office. The C-5 controversy is still hunting him. And this will surely hurt him not only in the surveys ranking but in the very next poll.

If ever, as the trend indicates, Estrada overtakes Villar in second place, Tita Glo will lose her last option to have a friendly 2010 president. Hurray! In Aquino and Estrada, both are considered ‘toxic’ to her, she will be facing a hostile president. One seeks to prosecute her and the other could do even worse to her and her family. Ohboyohboyohboy.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Midnights Horrors

Election is coming.  And still there are some speculations that she is extending her power beyond the election day.  Her "midnight" appointments in different government post are said to be her design to realize her intentions.  Her plan to appoint the next chief justice is up to now a national debate.  Getting this done then there will be the Arroyo's Supreme Court comprising all appointed by her excellency.  And now also poised in another controversial one,  in appointing the next Sandiganbayan chief.

But do you know that she is not the mother of all "midnights"?  All the other three presidents after Pres. Marcos share the same that resulted some horrors not only to them but unfortunately to us.

She had been criticized in her "midnight" Executive Order 229 before her power ended.  It's her administration's  land reform program of distributing stocks to the farmers as an option of complying the land reform law without the actual giving of the land.  And the good side? This made Hacienda Luisita still intact.  

He has his own share of "midnight" madness. And worse. Still haunting us up to now.  This is the IPP that is part of what we pay in our MERALCO bills. 
His "midnight" deals with Independent Power Producer (IPP) before the end of his EMERGENCY POWER granted to him by the congress, obliged us to pay the excess electricity even it is unused or being used by the illegal connectors.  Either way, we're on the loser end.

Here he got his "midnight" cabinets.  It was said that he entertained government deals and even signed government contracts with them.  They were said to be his buddies who was with him until morning drinking and playing mah-jong in the palace.

Well he is telling again and again that those were all lies made by those who are greedy in power and stole his position.

So as you see... Pres. Gloria is not alone. Midnight issues is not just once, not twice, but thrice been used.  Her critics will have a hard time stopping this. The ban being imposed in appointing during election period can't be used now for she has a Supreme Court which can creatively interpret the laws in favor to the one who appoints.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

On Partylist Issue

Bayan Muna, Liberal Party and other sectors were untiringly knocking the COMELEC in the issue of the party list candidates. They even went up to the Supreme Court to voice up their dismay on what has been happening to the system. And even though already came up with the new guidelines concerning the nominees or seats of each party list, COMELEC still didn't resolve the issues being submitted by different sectors.

Party list is said to be a representation of the
marginalized sector of our society. The ones being neglected, if I can use the word. Ones not being heard.

And it's hard to think how, for example Micky, an incumbent congressman with a grand US mansion aside from being a presidential son, to be a
representative of the tricycle drivers.

Mind you.. there are other presidential kins and allies taking advantage of so many loopholes in the guidelines set for the party list
. They now had their party list.

I bet, all these appeals.. knocking, pleading, calling, and shouting are gonna be in vain. It seemed to be being thought thoroughly. A plan that is well designed.

And the proper forum to resolve the problem is their biggest problem.


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