Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Midnights Horrors

Election is coming.  And still there are some speculations that she is extending her power beyond the election day.  Her "midnight" appointments in different government post are said to be her design to realize her intentions.  Her plan to appoint the next chief justice is up to now a national debate.  Getting this done then there will be the Arroyo's Supreme Court comprising all appointed by her excellency.  And now also poised in another controversial one,  in appointing the next Sandiganbayan chief.

But do you know that she is not the mother of all "midnights"?  All the other three presidents after Pres. Marcos share the same that resulted some horrors not only to them but unfortunately to us.

She had been criticized in her "midnight" Executive Order 229 before her power ended.  It's her administration's  land reform program of distributing stocks to the farmers as an option of complying the land reform law without the actual giving of the land.  And the good side? This made Hacienda Luisita still intact.  

He has his own share of "midnight" madness. And worse. Still haunting us up to now.  This is the IPP that is part of what we pay in our MERALCO bills. 
His "midnight" deals with Independent Power Producer (IPP) before the end of his EMERGENCY POWER granted to him by the congress, obliged us to pay the excess electricity even it is unused or being used by the illegal connectors.  Either way, we're on the loser end.

Here he got his "midnight" cabinets.  It was said that he entertained government deals and even signed government contracts with them.  They were said to be his buddies who was with him until morning drinking and playing mah-jong in the palace.

Well he is telling again and again that those were all lies made by those who are greedy in power and stole his position.

So as you see... Pres. Gloria is not alone. Midnight issues is not just once, not twice, but thrice been used.  Her critics will have a hard time stopping this. The ban being imposed in appointing during election period can't be used now for she has a Supreme Court which can creatively interpret the laws in favor to the one who appoints.


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