Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nationalista Party Versus Liberal Party/Who Will Survive?

There is only 25 days more and we will be once again be electing our new president. The heat is on. The game is becoming dirtier as usual. Accusation after accusation. And what is new? People are getting to be "already used" to these.

Here are some:

and more...

And there are still more.

The contest between Aquino and Villar seems going nowhere. Ah...! The voters may feel disgusted.  Some might already been laughing at them. Look at our respected senators now dreaming to be president in the country!

Grow old Sirs! We need something more than that!

In the ongoing dirty politics of both camp, can Joseph Estrada who is slowly but surely climbing up to the poll surveys benefits the battle? What if the people had been turned off of their childish play? We can never know.  Erap might surprise us!

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