Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Philippines First Automated Election Result

It's done. We wrote a history. And as for me, we had done it great! Yes there were problems that we had encountered,  but over-all, the election was the best one as I could have recalled. All the hitches, protests, doubts, and questions are all gone now.  

Well there are still very skeptical and questioning the integrity of the PCOS machine. It's just okay. We are in a democratic nation. Everyone are free  and are entitled to their own beliefs and opinion.

And so I am.

Really fast huh!  Imagine, just a day after, many local officials had been proclaimed. And more than 75% in the national level had already been counted. The turn out of our first automated election now transformed our electoral process.

Any Protests? Just a day after, many candidates even up to the presidential race had already conceded. Before, protests will surely flood to the COMELEC.  Gone are the election scenarios that there are no losers in the Philippine election but only cheated!

Cheating is now very hard in counting and canvassing because of the fast transition of election. Unlike our former method, different protests were filed even during the counting in the precinct level. And more during the municipal, provincial and regional canvasing.

Safe-free.The risk of the teacher's life in transporting the returns had been gone for the counting is so fast and it will just be transmitted. And once transmitted, the bad elements can't do anything. And they know it.

Our first automated election is generally a peaceful one. Ahoy... people are longing this for a long time. Right after the last voter, we can already have the counts and can be tallied in the same time. Yes, there were reports of firing of guns and blasting of grenades. But those were isolated cases, places that are really hot spots. And the numbers of these incidents are the least from previous elections. 

Our voices are heard. We can claim that we will have leaders truly chosen by the people. Winners may or may not fulfill their mandates. We can not say. But at least we had the nation's choice. It's a our big first step toward a better nation.

I can't explain my feelings. I can't find the exact word to express it. I think the patriotic in me is the one celebrating. Ha ha. It's great to be free to the elections of the past!  


Monday, May 10, 2010

Diz Iz It!

I did it! It's not bad at all (at least in our place).  I had been lucky to be the first ones who entered the precinct where I was assigned for I was already there as early as 6:00am. I had shaded my votes.  I just hope that the people I voted for do not turn out to be idiots, thieves or performers... EHEHE.

Today, we are choosing the men and women who will demand later on to call them “Your Honor”. We are casting our votes of whom to send to in Congress. In Senate. In Malacanang. You?  Why did you vote for them?

And who will be the winners? All of the candidates want to believe they are winners. Watch them struggle over wanting to be in power. No one will accept defeat. So what else is new? Some will take advantage of the chaos rising in the precincts and so will begin to rally forces to the streets.

That's why the result of this election will once and for all tell us if  Comelec are reliable. But as the problems still arises as of last night news update, they should have installed the automation systems in phases. They should have chosen polls in major cities and towns first instead of forcing these machines to work in all precincts where operators and voters aren’t ready to handle them yet. 

It seems to me that our country is not yet ready for the fully automated election. There are remote places where electricity is not yet available. Some of the PCOS had to be carried for kilometers of just walking to reach the precinct.  Many places are risk-high as our police men had to step back as the NPA were burning the school building where the PCOS machine are stored. 

As I was watching the news, many are still anxious for the outcome of the election and the validity of the results. Machines were still malfunctioning in different precincts. The trial result still didn't tally.

I bet there will be protests of cheating. Surely, there will provinces in which the tabulation and canvassing will be open to questions.

But still hope to a peaceful turnout of election in general.

Friday, May 7, 2010

What To Do On Election Day

Nothing can stop now for the May 10 first ever automated election in the country. The Supreme Court had squashed all the petitions to stop the automated election on Monday and  go back to manual voting system or at least postpone it for at least two weeks.

We will be  making a history when we go to the precinct  and make our votes. And since this is the first time the country is conducting automated elections, it would be a good idea to make a list of simple tips of dos and don’ts. 
 On Election Day

1. Be cool! Wear loose and  comfortable clothing to the polling place. Not only the atmosphere will be hot but the temperature as well. And imagine those thousands of people will gonna flock to vote in that day.

2. Early bird catches the early worm. Go out early. Voting time is from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for a 1000 voters or more in every clustered precincts. So expect long lines may be formed towards the latter part of the day. A long line coupled with the sweltering heat that we have all been experiencing the past few weeks may discourage other  from voting.

3. Make a full egg-shape oval. You will be provided a ballot, a ballot secrecy folder and marking pen by one of  the Board of Election Inspectors (and checked if official ballot is free from all markings and stains and not been deformed in any way). FULLY shade the oval beside the name of the candidates of your choice. 

3. Undervote is yes but no-no for the overvote. Be sure to understand that the machine will not count your votes in the senatorial spot if you shade more than 12. Eleven is accepted but 13 is not. One for president and not two or your vote for the president will not be counted.

4. Cheating?  Okay, “kodigo” is a not allowed in school. But it is highly encouraged in this election (with that meter or more long ballot which we will be using).  Indeed, you should already write the names of the candidates best for you before you head for the polling place.

5. Diz iz it! After accomplishing the ballot, the voter shall then insert it inside the PCOS machine. Be careful that the ballot is not CRUMPLED, STAINED OR DEFACED in any major way. The voter should make sure that the ballot is successfully accepted by the machine. The ballot will then be dropped in a translucent ballot box.

6. Not once, twice and thrice. You are allowed to insert your ballots four times if ever the machine does not accept your ballot. So maximize it. If at first it is not been accepted, try the other end of the ballot to be inserted first. If again not, flip it and try again. Do not insert your ballot twice using the same end for you have only 4 times to do it. If after the fourth you fail, it will not be counted anymore but you can file a protest and the BEI will take it as a note to their minutes.   

7. You will be marked. The BEI chairman shall then apply indelible ink on the right forefinger nail of the voter. You shall then affix your thumb on the space beside your name in the book of registered voters.

After voting, go home. It is better to leave the place and stay at home. Be in a safer place. We can never say what will gonna happen. The tension during this occasion is might get high especially as the hours pass by.

Besides, it will ease the number of people there. The heat. The sweat. And the smell!

Hope for a peaceful and honest election.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 10 Will Push Through

There will be no postponement. On May 10, we will make a historic election in which we will vote by using machines for the first time.

We will be using more than 82,000 automated machines across the country.  The results will be expected to be known in just two days. Unlike under the former hand-counted manual system it will took several weeks.

But 76,000 of the PCOS machine are found to have defective cards. And fear is rising up that if these machines fail, would trigger a big chaos.


electricity supply problems 
data transmission complications
reliability of the machines
the potentiality  of the system to be manipulated 

If machines break down or information cannot be transmitted, there may be no clear winner within 48 hours as planned and what will happen?

Noynoy calls for a manual election.

Macalintal resigned as GMA's election lawyer because he think we have to postpone election, and he didn't get it.

COMELEC must consider all possible means. If they didn't deliver good enough after months of preparation how can they if there's only days left.

Unless of course there's something we didn't know!
I don't know...


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Noynoy Aquino for President

We are now in the final campaign period for our first-ever automated election on May 10. With exactly 6 days before the election, candidates have stepped up attacks against rival candidates.

2010 presidential election can be considered as the dirtiest in our history in terms of character assassination.  Noynoy got the most of this black propaganda because of his consistent lead in all of the major poll surveys.

One reason might be because there are no issues to pin him down, except his lack of experience. 

Issues against him were raised like he can be pushed around and easily swayed or manipulated by people around him.  They try to make the public fear of Kris making decision over Noynoy.
They question Noynoy's motive of running the presidential election that they had even attacked him of being the son of Ninoy and Cory.

They raised the question about his mental health by giving fake psychological  certificate.  And they even sending text messages saying Noynoy had an epileptic seizure. 

But fortunately, these vicious attacks are working for, not against, him. Seems that people have become even more sympathetic. Noynoy handled their campaign  strategy good enough as he remain consistent on top over the others. 

I wonder what would they next?


Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Noynoy Versus Erap!

With the election fast approaching, the presidential race is going tighter and closer. With the latest surveys, it's likely to be Noynoy Aquino versus Erap Estrada. While Noynoy is enjoying the lead, Erap is slowly but strongly going up the poll surveys.

But to the top 4 contenders, to go with Noynoy is a wise decision. Not that I am a fanatic fan of Aquino but analyzing the candidates,  the country needs someone whom we can hold on for a better future.


He had already his chance but he made it slip away. How can we be sure it won't happen again. His age and his health, can he still make it? Add more those who question the legality of his second term being a president if ever he got in office? Will people votes will not be in vain?


He didn't clear himself yet of the scandals he had been charged  of. This is a black spot that  blemishes his intention to govern us.  Our nation cannot afford for another corrupt government so he should had cleared his name first.   Add more of his grand spending in his campaigns that make us fear he might indulge more in a more questionable deals when he won the election.


He is still new or at least young  in politics, for he is not known to many just until he file his candidacy. Aside from the fact he is still the administration's candidate as far as the political party is concern. People will always remember Gloria whenever his name is being mentioned and people wanted already to be free from her excellency.


Didn't pass any bill? Done nothing? Not actually. He might not have sponsored a bill but for sure he had taken part in passing every bill. We had seen him go against in every scandalous transaction that this government had been. He was and still is very outspoken against corruption. 

But the legacy he inherited from his parents may give us a chance for a better government. Not been involved in corruption is a big factor and should win the people's choice. He has been in the senate for quite sometime and the wrongs he had seen in the past leaders and the stand he showed against those, makes him somewhat ready for the position. 

He had experienced the bitter life of martial law, been a son of the president, and of a hero. So if ever, he had this legacy to take care of.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things to Do Before Election Day

It' s May! 
Nine more days to go!
Are you Ready?
Not yet decided?
Well many are now.

Here's some reminders to be checked if already done or undone:

1. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! Even you're already decided who to vote for, it's no use if you can't find your name on the list. So before the voting day, check your name in the precinct where you will be voting. Log on to COMELEC WEBSITE. and there's a box there where you can get the information needed. Then check the actual location of the polling place as to make sure it has not been changed.

2. HAVE A LIST. This saves you time particularly in this automated election which involves a meter long ballot (lol). Write the names and/or numbers of the candidates you will be voting for before you go to the polling place.

3. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Nothing will lose if you try shading an oval. Have some sample ballots available for this purpose. Take note that the COMELEC will not give extra official ballots so you cannot afford to make a mistake.

4. BRING THAT BAG. And put some water, biscuits, candies and books to read. You will surely fall in line if you come even on time. In our place, there are only 2 PCOS machine allotted for more than two thousand voters. So be prepared to fall in line and wait. Let our voices be heard.

This is just a public service reminders.
It has been predicted that the outcome of this election is that more will not be able to vote.
Preparation and awareness can lessen the possibility that it will happen.
Go Out and Vote!