Monday, May 3, 2010

It's Noynoy Versus Erap!

With the election fast approaching, the presidential race is going tighter and closer. With the latest surveys, it's likely to be Noynoy Aquino versus Erap Estrada. While Noynoy is enjoying the lead, Erap is slowly but strongly going up the poll surveys.

But to the top 4 contenders, to go with Noynoy is a wise decision. Not that I am a fanatic fan of Aquino but analyzing the candidates,  the country needs someone whom we can hold on for a better future.


He had already his chance but he made it slip away. How can we be sure it won't happen again. His age and his health, can he still make it? Add more those who question the legality of his second term being a president if ever he got in office? Will people votes will not be in vain?


He didn't clear himself yet of the scandals he had been charged  of. This is a black spot that  blemishes his intention to govern us.  Our nation cannot afford for another corrupt government so he should had cleared his name first.   Add more of his grand spending in his campaigns that make us fear he might indulge more in a more questionable deals when he won the election.


He is still new or at least young  in politics, for he is not known to many just until he file his candidacy. Aside from the fact he is still the administration's candidate as far as the political party is concern. People will always remember Gloria whenever his name is being mentioned and people wanted already to be free from her excellency.


Didn't pass any bill? Done nothing? Not actually. He might not have sponsored a bill but for sure he had taken part in passing every bill. We had seen him go against in every scandalous transaction that this government had been. He was and still is very outspoken against corruption. 

But the legacy he inherited from his parents may give us a chance for a better government. Not been involved in corruption is a big factor and should win the people's choice. He has been in the senate for quite sometime and the wrongs he had seen in the past leaders and the stand he showed against those, makes him somewhat ready for the position. 

He had experienced the bitter life of martial law, been a son of the president, and of a hero. So if ever, he had this legacy to take care of.



  1. thanks for sharing...........

    I pray for Peace Election........Pray that the filipinos elect the right President.

    God bless

  2. yes... hope for a clean and orderly one.
    And yes God bless us.

    And you with your family!

  3. saludo ako kay noynoy

    pero...para sabihing Gibo is young in politics is not a fit description <---a better look to all of them ^_^

    sana ay maayos ang eleksyon...ipagdasal natin na walang gulong mangyayari..malapit na malapit na

  4. May I know, which are the surveys you have based your conclusion on?

    I appreciate your views, but I think it would have been a fairer judgement if you talked about the candidates' achievements, plans and such.

    Here are my views.

    1. Erap - What would the international community think if he comes out as President? "Hey, didn't they put that guy behind bars, why did they make him president again!?" Baka maibalik siya. Nakakahiya naman...

    2. Villar - 'Scandals' and whatever rumours that have been going around. No mention of his abilities or achievements. More importantly, HOW solid are your sources, which show that he will indeed become corrupt?

    3. Gibo - Associate his name with Gloria? Once again, your judgement is based on hearsay. That is not fair.

    4. Noynoy - I am very sorry to say this, but EVERY COUNTRY IS CORRUPT. And, corruption is not the only bane in the Philippines. If a leader has no abilities to manage his country, do not expect him to alleviate the poverty. He has a clean record because he has no record to speak of.

    5. Other candidates, like Gordon, etc?

    Lastly, and most importantly, like you, I hope for a clean election. May the best and most deserving candidate win.

  5. @sendo

    yes malapit na.. and sana nga wala gulo mangyari pero ngayon palang kasi magulo na.
    check ko maya yung link mo.

    like you and me, everybody is free for his own opinion..
    tnx for sharing.

  6. @ems,
    I just limit my post to the top 4 who are consistent in the surveys.
    tnx again.