Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Noynoy Aquino for President

We are now in the final campaign period for our first-ever automated election on May 10. With exactly 6 days before the election, candidates have stepped up attacks against rival candidates.

2010 presidential election can be considered as the dirtiest in our history in terms of character assassination.  Noynoy got the most of this black propaganda because of his consistent lead in all of the major poll surveys.

One reason might be because there are no issues to pin him down, except his lack of experience. 

Issues against him were raised like he can be pushed around and easily swayed or manipulated by people around him.  They try to make the public fear of Kris making decision over Noynoy.
They question Noynoy's motive of running the presidential election that they had even attacked him of being the son of Ninoy and Cory.

They raised the question about his mental health by giving fake psychological  certificate.  And they even sending text messages saying Noynoy had an epileptic seizure. 

But fortunately, these vicious attacks are working for, not against, him. Seems that people have become even more sympathetic. Noynoy handled their campaign  strategy good enough as he remain consistent on top over the others. 

I wonder what would they next?


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  1. Haist, oo nga laman ng mga forum yong about sa pagiging abnoy daw ni Noynoy, mayroong nagkakalat eh. Kahit yong post eh usapang artista, lagi nakasingit ang mga presidentiables. Thanks nga pala I forgot to say thanks...