Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Philippines First Automated Election Result

It's done. We wrote a history. And as for me, we had done it great! Yes there were problems that we had encountered,  but over-all, the election was the best one as I could have recalled. All the hitches, protests, doubts, and questions are all gone now.  

Well there are still very skeptical and questioning the integrity of the PCOS machine. It's just okay. We are in a democratic nation. Everyone are free  and are entitled to their own beliefs and opinion.

And so I am.

Really fast huh!  Imagine, just a day after, many local officials had been proclaimed. And more than 75% in the national level had already been counted. The turn out of our first automated election now transformed our electoral process.

Any Protests? Just a day after, many candidates even up to the presidential race had already conceded. Before, protests will surely flood to the COMELEC.  Gone are the election scenarios that there are no losers in the Philippine election but only cheated!

Cheating is now very hard in counting and canvassing because of the fast transition of election. Unlike our former method, different protests were filed even during the counting in the precinct level. And more during the municipal, provincial and regional canvasing.

Safe-free.The risk of the teacher's life in transporting the returns had been gone for the counting is so fast and it will just be transmitted. And once transmitted, the bad elements can't do anything. And they know it.

Our first automated election is generally a peaceful one. Ahoy... people are longing this for a long time. Right after the last voter, we can already have the counts and can be tallied in the same time. Yes, there were reports of firing of guns and blasting of grenades. But those were isolated cases, places that are really hot spots. And the numbers of these incidents are the least from previous elections. 

Our voices are heard. We can claim that we will have leaders truly chosen by the people. Winners may or may not fulfill their mandates. We can not say. But at least we had the nation's choice. It's a our big first step toward a better nation.

I can't explain my feelings. I can't find the exact word to express it. I think the patriotic in me is the one celebrating. Ha ha. It's great to be free to the elections of the past!  



  1. I agree, the election was generally sucessful and peaceful. I hope the lessons learned will be used to improve the future elections.

  2. nice to know about this..we just pray that Phils. will be given good leaders...thanks for sharing!

  3. curious who is the new President now? thanks! ingat po!

  4. The real winner of our historic 2010 election is no other than the COMELEC, despite all the odds, the last minute glitches, countless protests from various political, business and religious sectors of our society on a possible failure of election- the COMELEC was able to deliver a successful, reliable, credible and fas...t election results. An overwhelming experience that we Filipinos should be proud of.

  5. Hi Al, the feeling is mutual. :-) Kudos to COMELEC for bringing back the integrity of Election Results. I could give them my 100% Trust Rating! :-)

  6. I still think that we should live at the present and learn from the past... it's impossible to be perfect... what matter is that we are improving day by day...

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