Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 10 Will Push Through

There will be no postponement. On May 10, we will make a historic election in which we will vote by using machines for the first time.

We will be using more than 82,000 automated machines across the country.  The results will be expected to be known in just two days. Unlike under the former hand-counted manual system it will took several weeks.

But 76,000 of the PCOS machine are found to have defective cards. And fear is rising up that if these machines fail, would trigger a big chaos.


electricity supply problems 
data transmission complications
reliability of the machines
the potentiality  of the system to be manipulated 

If machines break down or information cannot be transmitted, there may be no clear winner within 48 hours as planned and what will happen?

Noynoy calls for a manual election.

Macalintal resigned as GMA's election lawyer because he think we have to postpone election, and he didn't get it.

COMELEC must consider all possible means. If they didn't deliver good enough after months of preparation how can they if there's only days left.

Unless of course there's something we didn't know!
I don't know...



  1. Katakot naman baka kung anong mangyari kapag nagkaroon ng failure of elections...

  2. sinabi mo pa...

    k lang naman ipospone kung me dapat pa talaga ayusin.

    k rin naman ang manual kasi ang diprensya na nakita sa PCOS machine e di binabasa ng machine ang ibang names ng candidate...

    puro gibo at villar lang... huwaaa!!

  3. I'd bet on that "something" that will happen this election... hahahahahhahahahaha

  4. eeeeeee... oo nga e. wag sana. kundi
    laki gulo ito!