Monday, May 10, 2010

Diz Iz It!

I did it! It's not bad at all (at least in our place).  I had been lucky to be the first ones who entered the precinct where I was assigned for I was already there as early as 6:00am. I had shaded my votes.  I just hope that the people I voted for do not turn out to be idiots, thieves or performers... EHEHE.

Today, we are choosing the men and women who will demand later on to call them “Your Honor”. We are casting our votes of whom to send to in Congress. In Senate. In Malacanang. You?  Why did you vote for them?

And who will be the winners? All of the candidates want to believe they are winners. Watch them struggle over wanting to be in power. No one will accept defeat. So what else is new? Some will take advantage of the chaos rising in the precincts and so will begin to rally forces to the streets.

That's why the result of this election will once and for all tell us if  Comelec are reliable. But as the problems still arises as of last night news update, they should have installed the automation systems in phases. They should have chosen polls in major cities and towns first instead of forcing these machines to work in all precincts where operators and voters aren’t ready to handle them yet. 

It seems to me that our country is not yet ready for the fully automated election. There are remote places where electricity is not yet available. Some of the PCOS had to be carried for kilometers of just walking to reach the precinct.  Many places are risk-high as our police men had to step back as the NPA were burning the school building where the PCOS machine are stored. 

As I was watching the news, many are still anxious for the outcome of the election and the validity of the results. Machines were still malfunctioning in different precincts. The trial result still didn't tally.

I bet there will be protests of cheating. Surely, there will provinces in which the tabulation and canvassing will be open to questions.

But still hope to a peaceful turnout of election in general.

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