Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Why Blog?

Hearing a certain senator was involved in a multi million scam, or a public official benefited on a big project, or president's husband got million dollar deal was like a just ordinary nowadays.

Seems it's an already accepted in our society that no one can ever do something about it.

Reason? Everyone who is position can easily get out of it without being accountable with it.

And why? Only in the Philippines.

You can see how GMA got so lucky, or witty, or whatever you want to call it.

What was in her that she seems so powerful making all luck to be on her side?

Or can we call it luck?

People. She got the right people at the right time and on the right place.

She has the millitary. Good number in congress. Got all people in Supreme court. In COMMELEC. Still more?

She's so wise to get all those to be on her side.

Look at what she has done in our democracy, in our system of governance. See what had she done in our country, in our lives, in our future.

And no one can do something?

Me? At least I'll gonna blog them. My hi-tech way of expression.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Can we trust the COMELEC?
To be an independent institution?
Not to be bothered by other agencies?
by some powerful threat if there is?
For us to have an honest and clean election?

Can we trust the COMELEC?
To presserve integrity?
Not to be tempted by the lust of money?
Or other promises by some not-so-clean polititian?
To proclaim the real winners?
The one chosen by the many?

Can we trust the COMELEC?
Of not to be biased?
That even it's chairman is a provincialmate, a kabalen?
Not to sacrifice the country in favor of gratitude?

And can we trust the COMELEC of not having the list of winners though it's still more than a month yet before the election?

Just a qustion of concern due the public call of fair election.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You heard the news? Yes, Tito Manny did it again. All those T.V. ads costing him hundreds of million turned out to be a huge success. As for now, I hope (lol!). Well we Filipinos are already used to it. Money is a plus factor. But the scary thing is... what's next? (*peace*)


Tita Jamby - Were all her bags are packed now? I read once that she'll gonna migrate if tito Manny won. Don't know. 'Know her. But she's consistent huh. Still after the C-5 scandal. Is there nothing new? Ah now with Bro. Mike. Tsk,tsk.

Tito Gibo - Hey dudes, don't worry about him. He doesn't care anymore about those surveys. Who cares if he is always behind others. For the time being, he makes himself busy going around. Campaigning everywhere. Well that's the spirit. My man. " kanila na ang survey, akin ang eleksyon" (theirs is the survey, mine is the election) he once been quoted. ohboyohboyohboy, am I sensing something? Is the counting of the ballots already done? Or it's just me?

Tito Noynoy - Ask him why? or how did it happened? Someone had posted in facebook that he's like Spageting pababa ng bababa (remember the sexbomb song?) while others are pataas ng pataas. Anyway, he had an answer. He is saying that tito Manny ( of course thru his guys) are removing his campaign materials, posters and everything. Aw! Can you hear some sore-loser? Too shallow.

Just more than a month from now. How will we decide? Others are asking, "but do we have a choice"? One thing is sure, we have to face it. It's up to us. We are the one who gonna decide. Be wise. Choose the lesser evil.

And to all the aspirants, whoever gonna make it, please, don't cripple the already ailing country. At least make it slow.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


War against Artificial contraceptives intensifies

Just recently, Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines asked the resignation of Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral for her ongoing campaign of promoting and giving free condoms. Where is it I wonder..

And so.. protest rallies by catholic groups were held in different part of the country asking to stop DOH in purchasing condoms amounting in hundreds of thousand. Well that's a lot of money.

CBCP even asked celebrities not to allow themselves to be used by DOH is spreading immorality by endorsing condom. Condom is immoral, they said. And they will not allow immorality ehem.

But now.. Department of Labor and Employment joins the party. They are planning to give away female condoms to their workers. Wow. And what the hell is that? ooops sorry. Female condoms? Anyone of you had seen one?

Anyway what I am really trying to say here is, what is so wrong with condoms? What I know is it's only purpose is to have a safe sex. I mean not with different partners because there is where immorality comes in. So for me, it's not the use of condom or other contraceptive is bad.

If the church want morality, they are the who should promote and oblige their adherents to be faithful to their husband.. oh ah ok with their wife and the youth should never get involve in premarital sex. It's just like that.

I don't know if wrong. Correct me please. I would like to hear from you. Get involve.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

On Automated Poll: Is there enough time?

Junta? Another coup? ohboyohboyohboy..These rumors are now in the air. And lets just hope it will not gonna happen. A government by force , violent or even by another people power will worsen our situation than solve problems.

This coming May election is likely to be their instrument. What could happen if problems arises during election. Remember what we experience during the registration of voters?

Tests show that a voter can consume up to 8 minutes voting. That is if all things are already ready especially the voter. What if if up to that minute, the voter is still contemplating who's who will he gonna vote? Dude, can they accommodate all us voters?

Oh no! Were all the teachers are all aware of the new approach? What will they do if there's a malfunction of the hardware?

And try to think of this.. even though we can always watch the info drive "bilog na may hugis itlog", sure thing is there will be still question ask when election time comes. And that will still add to their voting time.

Hey guys out there... all I can say is be early on that they. Come early. Vote early. And get out of there early!

Friday, March 19, 2010

First Time Blogger Notes:

From now on.. there will be some changes in our discussion. Due to the insisiting demands of our readers, we will use this language. Readers around the net emailed me asking if I can post in English because their friends are so fond of reading our articles but they had a hard time reading in Filipino.

And that's it. Another reason is because my blog had been denied three twice (huhu) by google adsense because they do not support our language and I want us to be heard by our kababayans (kinapos na) in Visayas and Mindanao having difficult time in reading Tagalog.

Whew! Just bear with me with this. We can do it. Let's do it!

Supreme Court defends It's Ruling

Isang maligayang pagdalaw sa aking munting tahanan ng makabuluhang pag- "uuzi" sa mga nangyayari sa ating bansa.

Kanina habang nag-aabang ako ng jeep sa abangan ay akalain mong napadako ang malikot kong mga mata sa balita sa dyaryo.. pinutakte ng mga reklamo at tuligsa ang Highest Court sa naging desisiyon nila na hindi saklaw ng Artikel ek-ek setion na di ko matandaan ng ating constitusyon ang pagba-ban sa ating pinakahahahal na pangulo ang mag-appoint ng chief justice. E di natural na dumepensa sila.


Ang mga umeepal naman daw sa kanila e yun ding mga dati ng maeepal haha.. galing ano? Dapat naman daw ay binasa muna nila ang ang kabuuang detalye ng ruling nila. Aba e oo nga naman. Me punto ang ating mga panyero. Bakit d na lang daw magbigay sila ng moiton of consideration ba yun? at motion of clarification... lol! supalpal ang mga wannabee aspirants natin.


Aba e akalain nyo na "sila daw ba naman e marurunong pa sa mga panyero nating mga mahestrado"? Mga nagpapantasya lamang daw ang mga kritiko sa pinagsasabi nila na gusto lang ni tita Glo na magtagal pa sa puwesto. Wala nga namang ganung isipan ang ating pinakamamahal na pangulo kundi ang maabsuwelto sa mga karimarimarim niyang kaso.

Sa Akin Lang Naman:

Pero kung titingnan natin e wala pinagkaiba ang mga taong lumililok ( napalalim yata a..) ng ating pamahalaan sa ating mga karaniwang tao. Wala ring pinagkaiba sa mga palingkero at palingkera baka nga malala pa ang iba. Medyo ibang level lang dahil mga Ingles ang mga banatan nila.

Pero sa tinatawag nilang demokratikong bansa na maaaring umepal ang sinuman sa anuman at sa kaninuman sa mga bagay bagay na nangyayari sa kapaligiran dahil sa malayang pagpapahayag e dapat me hangganan. Dahil lahat ng sobra ay labis na at ito ay hindi na maganda, nakakairita na, nakakagulo na.

Kapag ang ipinasya ng ating mataaas na hukuman ay binaliwala e ano pa ang ating pakikinggan. Parang wala ng katatagan. Iba ang Pinoy. Magaling ang Pinoy. Ilabas natin ang ating galing. Huwag sanang sirain.

Ewan ko kung ako ay mali. Baka me maganda kang ideya e ipamahagi mo naman. Kaya nga me lalagyan ng komento dyan. I-klik mo na lang.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Presidential Appointee

Eto na ang inyong poging katoto na nagpipilit na magserbisyo. Laking gulat ni Nanay nang makitang nanonood ako ng balita. kadalasan kasi e yung basketball lang at cartoons ang pinapanood ko.

eniweys e pinayagan na raw o napagdesisyunan ng pinakamataas na hukuman natin na si Tita Glo ang mag aasaign ng papalit sa pinakamataas na hukom. Aba e nag kawindang-windang ang marami. May natuwa. Nainis. Nayamot. Na highblood. Me OA na. Pero marami rin tulad ko ang wala namang kamalayan dun.

Sa ginawang kong pagsusuri, pagtatanong-tanong, pakikinig sa mga diskusyun sa tambayan kong tindahan ng halo-halo e narito ang aking napiga sa utak kong me laman din naman pala:

Good News:

Sa mga taga Malacanang. Tuwang tuwa ang mga hinayupak tauhan ng palasyo. Me piesta yata dun? Pag talaga pinutakte ng suerte e sunod-sunod. Simulan nyo sa Hello Garci hanggang kay Bolante. Me ZtE pa.. ano pa ba?

Pero igagalang naman daw nila gaya ng dati ang desisyun ng mga tuta nilang mahestrado.

Bad News:

Sa mga kandidato lalo na sa pagka Pangulo. Dito na nagkagulo ang mga selyula sa aking di namang praktisadong utak... iginagalang naman daw nila ang pasya pero ayaw naman nila nung pasya. Dapat daw ay ang susunod na Pangulo ang mag-appoint ng susunod na may pinakamataas na posisyon sa korte para maging tao nila sa intagredad at sa mga bagay na sila lang ang nakakaintindi dahil hindi ko na maintindihan.

Ang sa akin lang naman... kung ipagkaloob ng ating mga dakilang mahistrado ang kapangyarihang iyon kay tita Glo ay wala na tayong magagawa pa kundi bantayan, pag usapan at baka sakaling sa pagkakaingay ng taumbayan e madala naman sila sa hiya. Yan kasi si tita Glo. Malakas. Makapangyarihan. Maimpluwensiya. Makapal. Matapang ang hiya. Ubod ng sama. Gahaman, pati na ang asawa. Mahusay.

Ayon kasi sa aking mga pag-aanalisa (naks)napakahalagang usapin kung sino nga ba ang hihirang ng bagong pinakamataas na mahistrado. Kayo sa tingin nyo? Sino nga kaya? Post mo nga dyan sa bandang baba ng amin ding mabasa. click mo lang dyan sa comments.

Salamat po.

First Time Blogger

Isang wannabing blagero
Ang inyong poging katoto
Salamat sa Nanay ko
sa DSL na regalo.

Inakit ng isang kaibigan
Sya naman ay pinaunlakan
At tunay na nasiyahan
Ng ito'y pag-aralan

Lam nyo bang agad na ipinamalita
Isang buwang ipinag-anyaya
(pero wala pang nailalathala)

Pero ano ba ang ilalathala
Ng taong walang unawa
baka ako lang ay mahalata
isang poging walang kuwenta

Panggising sa atin ang nais
Kaya blog ko ay tyagain
Tayo ay magpakawais
At matamo ang adhikain

Wala mang gaanong unawa
sa batas at ekonomiya
pero di nangangahulugan
Sa kanila'y bayan nati'y ipaubaya

Hayaang ang inyong katoto
wala rin mang alam na gaano
sa inyo'y makapag serbisyo
kaya i-bookmark na ang blog ko.