Wednesday, March 24, 2010


You heard the news? Yes, Tito Manny did it again. All those T.V. ads costing him hundreds of million turned out to be a huge success. As for now, I hope (lol!). Well we Filipinos are already used to it. Money is a plus factor. But the scary thing is... what's next? (*peace*)


Tita Jamby - Were all her bags are packed now? I read once that she'll gonna migrate if tito Manny won. Don't know. 'Know her. But she's consistent huh. Still after the C-5 scandal. Is there nothing new? Ah now with Bro. Mike. Tsk,tsk.

Tito Gibo - Hey dudes, don't worry about him. He doesn't care anymore about those surveys. Who cares if he is always behind others. For the time being, he makes himself busy going around. Campaigning everywhere. Well that's the spirit. My man. " kanila na ang survey, akin ang eleksyon" (theirs is the survey, mine is the election) he once been quoted. ohboyohboyohboy, am I sensing something? Is the counting of the ballots already done? Or it's just me?

Tito Noynoy - Ask him why? or how did it happened? Someone had posted in facebook that he's like Spageting pababa ng bababa (remember the sexbomb song?) while others are pataas ng pataas. Anyway, he had an answer. He is saying that tito Manny ( of course thru his guys) are removing his campaign materials, posters and everything. Aw! Can you hear some sore-loser? Too shallow.

Just more than a month from now. How will we decide? Others are asking, "but do we have a choice"? One thing is sure, we have to face it. It's up to us. We are the one who gonna decide. Be wise. Choose the lesser evil.

And to all the aspirants, whoever gonna make it, please, don't cripple the already ailing country. At least make it slow.

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