Saturday, March 20, 2010

On Automated Poll: Is there enough time?

Junta? Another coup? ohboyohboyohboy..These rumors are now in the air. And lets just hope it will not gonna happen. A government by force , violent or even by another people power will worsen our situation than solve problems.

This coming May election is likely to be their instrument. What could happen if problems arises during election. Remember what we experience during the registration of voters?

Tests show that a voter can consume up to 8 minutes voting. That is if all things are already ready especially the voter. What if if up to that minute, the voter is still contemplating who's who will he gonna vote? Dude, can they accommodate all us voters?

Oh no! Were all the teachers are all aware of the new approach? What will they do if there's a malfunction of the hardware?

And try to think of this.. even though we can always watch the info drive "bilog na may hugis itlog", sure thing is there will be still question ask when election time comes. And that will still add to their voting time.

Hey guys out there... all I can say is be early on that they. Come early. Vote early. And get out of there early!

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