Sunday, March 28, 2010


Can we trust the COMELEC?
To be an independent institution?
Not to be bothered by other agencies?
by some powerful threat if there is?
For us to have an honest and clean election?

Can we trust the COMELEC?
To presserve integrity?
Not to be tempted by the lust of money?
Or other promises by some not-so-clean polititian?
To proclaim the real winners?
The one chosen by the many?

Can we trust the COMELEC?
Of not to be biased?
That even it's chairman is a provincialmate, a kabalen?
Not to sacrifice the country in favor of gratitude?

And can we trust the COMELEC of not having the list of winners though it's still more than a month yet before the election?

Just a qustion of concern due the public call of fair election.

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