Saturday, May 1, 2010

Things to Do Before Election Day

It' s May! 
Nine more days to go!
Are you Ready?
Not yet decided?
Well many are now.

Here's some reminders to be checked if already done or undone:

1. CHECK! CHECK! CHECK! Even you're already decided who to vote for, it's no use if you can't find your name on the list. So before the voting day, check your name in the precinct where you will be voting. Log on to COMELEC WEBSITE. and there's a box there where you can get the information needed. Then check the actual location of the polling place as to make sure it has not been changed.

2. HAVE A LIST. This saves you time particularly in this automated election which involves a meter long ballot (lol). Write the names and/or numbers of the candidates you will be voting for before you go to the polling place.

3. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Nothing will lose if you try shading an oval. Have some sample ballots available for this purpose. Take note that the COMELEC will not give extra official ballots so you cannot afford to make a mistake.

4. BRING THAT BAG. And put some water, biscuits, candies and books to read. You will surely fall in line if you come even on time. In our place, there are only 2 PCOS machine allotted for more than two thousand voters. So be prepared to fall in line and wait. Let our voices be heard.

This is just a public service reminders.
It has been predicted that the outcome of this election is that more will not be able to vote.
Preparation and awareness can lessen the possibility that it will happen.
Go Out and Vote!